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Strategy Development

Marketing is not a means in itself, it is a term used to describe an entire process, which is put in place to aid in the achievement of an organisations corporate goals.

Generally the process begins by understanding customers' needs then developing products and/or services to fulfil them, communicating appropriate messages to customers, making the products and services easily available and monitoring the performance of the product/service to ensure they are providing satisfaction to customers and that the product/service remains relevant to our target audience.

Delivery of marketing strategies is central to our consultancy services. Our skills can be incorporated at any stage within the process, ideally the earlier the better, to provide clear and actionable strategic direction to achieve corporate aims.

Elements of the process we employ include:

  • Strategy review
  • Opportunity identification
  • Strategy development
  • Positioning
  • Targeting
  • Market research
  • Recommendations for strategic direction
  • Workable ‘next steps'

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