About the National Jewellery Study  

Brand development

The world of diamonds and diamond jewellery has been undergoing a dramatic metamorphosis; from a ‘product' led category to becoming a ‘brand' led category. This emphasis on branding has been applied to both the business-to-business (B2B) environment as well as the more glamorous business-to-consumer (B2C) world.

A diverse range of brands continue to be developed and not all will succeed.

  • What sets a brand apart from others is identity – a point of differentiation.
  • On a consumer level this is coupled with emotion – how does the brand make the consumer feel?

Establishing a perceptible identity and attaching appropriate emotions to your brand allows customers/consumers to make their purchase decisions on a more irrational basis – on this higher decision-making plane, less attention is given to price, creating room for premium margins to be made.

We deliver appropriate brand(s) recommendations, supported by the necessary concepts and attributes, creating compelling customer propositions, reducing risk and providing a basis to maximise sales revenues. In determining our recommendations, we work closely with your team every step of the way, to understand your corporate goals, the role of branding to achieve them and the long term implications for sustaining a successful brand.

Elements of the process we employ include:

  • Brand review
  • Opportunity identification
  • Concept definition
  • Brand development
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand targeting
  • Market research
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Workable ‘next steps'


Brand Development
Strategy Development
Business Intelligence
Market Research
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