Traditionally, large scale research projects such as the National Jewellery Study (NJS) require large scale budgets and as such tend to be restricted to larger corporations. The NJS is an independent online consumer study developed by 2 Degrees Freedom. It is funded through the sale of market reports, customer driven analyses and through syndicated questions.

The NJS has been monitoring the US jewellery and watch market since November 2002. It is an extensive piece of consumer market research with almost 100,000 respondents since its inception.  The NJS focuses on collecting information on jewellery acquired by adult women (the vast majority of the jewellery market), although information is also collected on jewellery acquisitions made by men and teenage girls (between 15 and 17 years of age) .

The NJS gathers detailed information regarding the acquisition of all categories of jewellery ranging from inexpensive accessory jewellery to the more expensive gem-set pieces.

The National Jewellery Study aims to:

  • Provide the jewellery industry with access to affordable and actionable market data, to aid in the development of marketing strategies across the entire industry.
  • Quantify the total retail value of the total US jewellery market, nationally and regionally.
  • Monitor trends (fashion lead, economic, demographic, price…) for all types of jewellery.
  • Identify marketing opportunities.