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Market Research

“jewelry businesses could profit from research, it is better to invest small amounts of money on useful research rather than throw money into unproductive schemes.” [ Ken Gassman, President, Jewelry Industry Research Institute – from a statement at the Mines to Market conference, Mumbai, India 2005]

Research is a necessary and often overlooked function when determining strategy. In essence it is simply a form of risk management; the more you know the better basis you have for making decisions.

Research can take many different forms and does not have to be expensive. From simply talking to your customers, to developing full scale formal market research projects to investigate consumer insights; well constructed, objective research provides invaluable information and guidance. Formal market research is not always required.

Benefit from our research experience and capabilities that enable us to deliver research solutions tailored to all budgets and for all situations.

We deliver a wide range of applicable research services including:

  • Market/opportunity exploration and analysis
  • What consumers/clients think and feel e.g. brand development research, advertising development research, advertising testing …
  • How many and what type of consumers/clients share the same opinions, e.g. market estimation, target identification, opportunity estimation, customer satisfaction…

Our flexible approach allows us to be part of your team, or even to be your research team:

  • Research Management – we can act as your research department, providing you with all you need to conduct the necessary research for your specific issues. From issue identification all the way through to the delivery of findings and strategy recommendations.
  • Research Analysis – working with your already concluded research findings we provide further analysis and interpretation to deliver focus and future strategy.
  • Research Audit – analysing your current research programme to ensure your information needs are being met in the most cost effective manner.

Whatever your requirements, we only provide clients with research that they need to do. Contact us today for a free, no obligation discussion, to see how our experience will help you achieve your aims.


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