About the National Jewellery Study  

General Business Consulting

Although our primary focus is on marketing and branding, our skills and experience are often employed for other more general areas too, for example:

  • Business Plans – delivery of concise and comprehensive business plans (or parts of business plans as required), assessing potential risk and viability , whether for internal use or use with financial bodies or potential partners.
  • Corporate Newsletters – managing and producing a variety of client newsletters, for example.
  • Delivering in-house newsletters that maintain effective internal communications, keeping all staff motivated and informed of company progress and strategy.
  • Delivering external newsletters – designed to keep suppliers, clients, financiers, etc informed of company activity and raising corporate awareness and identity.
  • Delivering specific topic based newsletters for clients – adding value to your trading proposition.
  • DTC Profile Submission
  • Data analysis –. From the analysis of sales data, identifying patterns of behaviour, to complex mathematical modelling projecting future sales, our analysts work with client specific data and information to deliver insights and strategy.

When you are busy running your business on a daily basis, it is often difficult to find the time and resources to do the things on your ‘should do' list. We provide you with those much needed resources to make more things happen. Contact us today for a free, no obligation discussion, to see how our experience will help you achieve your aims.



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